Keeping your home completely clean is very important not only for its visual appeal, but also to avoid various health issues. As far as cleaning your floor is concerned, the first tool you can think of for the purpose is a vacuum cleaner. Just using this tool is not enough, to get the best results you need to use it the right way. To make things easier for you given below are 13 vacuum cleaning tips for your floors, which if you follow correctly, you definitely will be happy wit the results.

  1. Do not make it too hard

The first tip is, do not make it more difficult than it should be. If, for instance, you enter your home wearing shoes, chances are you will bring along leaves, dirt, and other elements from outside. This will make your vacuuming task all the more difficult. So, it will be best to make sure everyone removes their shoes before entering home. This will keep the dirt in one place, rather than being tracked everywhere in your home. You may even place a doormat at entry points so that people can wipe their shoes before entering.

  1. Just once will not be enough

If you want to get rid of all hair and dust collected on your floor, then you need to vacuum clean at least few times in the same place. Also, make sure to clean from various directions to get rid of debris and dirt efficiently.

  1. Plan a schedule

Yet another important vacuum cleaning tips is to plan a schedule. Whether you plan one day of the month or the week, following a planned schedule helps make sure your floor stays clean always. Generally, vacuuming once a week or once in two weeks is good enough, but high traffic areas may demand more attention.

  1. Empty the canister/change the vacuum bag

Make sure you empty the canister or change your vacuum bag regularly. If your canister or bag is already full of dirt and debris, it will be difficult for you to clean any further.

  1. Spot Treatment

Vacuums cannot get rid of stains. So, if you notice any stains on your carpet while vacuuming, stop and treat that with a spot cleaner first. After this, continue with your vacuuming, and you will be more than happy with the results.

  1. Get rid of any little stuff from the floor

Even though this is quite obvious, yet deserves a mention. Before you start vacuuming, make sure to remove any clutter or small objects from the floor. Together with making your cleaning job easier, it will also prevent any small objects from getting stuck in your vacuum.

  1. Move your furniture occasionally

Occasionally, you should remove the coffee table, couch, or other such furniture, so that you can clean those otherwise hard to reach areas.

  1. Use the right setting

Many vacuum cleaners come with different settings for cleaning different surfaces. Make sure you adjust the setting on your cleaner depending on the height of the surface you plan to clean.

  1. Deep cleaning is a good idea

Even if you vacuum regularly, occasional deep cleaning is a good idea. You can use shampoo, or steam, or may be both to get the best results.

  1. Give importance to hard-to-reach spots

Some areas like stairs or closet is hard to reach. Even though you might want to clean these areas quickly, you should actually give them time, particularly if these areas get lot of traffic.

  1. Dust first

Before vacuuming your floors, you should first dust the baseboards, blinds, and other higher objects. This will save time, as if you vacuum first and then dust, you will have to vacuum clean yet again.

  1. Give more attention to the rugs

While vacuum cleaning your rugs, carefully observe how the device interacts with the rug. At times, it might get stuck on the edges, and cause your rug to fray. So, do be careful.

  1. Follow manufacturers instructions

Before you start using your vacuum cleaner, do go through the instruction manual carefully. This will make sure you enjoy a more effective and easy cleaning experience.