In this post, I have reviewed Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L which is perfect for carpets and bare floors.

When I bought my first vacuum cleaner, I had no idea what to look for because it was my first time. I went for a vacuum that simply sucked dirt from the floor and that was it. It goes without saying that the vacuum did not last long enough. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone for a vacuum whose quality is second to none and whose power cannot be compromised. This is why I have decided to do my research on some of the best vacuums in the market that come with all the best features and specifications. One such vacuum is the Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22L) by Shark

Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - NV22L

The Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner is perfect for anyone who wants a lightweight and portable vacuum that can clean from start to finish. This vacuum has never lost suction power and can be used on deep carpets or gentle bare floors. It also comes with a premium pet power brush to pick up pet hair and debris as well as deep cleans dander from all surfaces. The dust cup is easy-to-empty and the brush roll can be shut off for extended cleaning without interruption.

Features of  Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L


An outstanding feature of the Shark Navigator Vacuum is the fact that it does not lose suction power once it is powered. It is one of the few upright vacuums that maintain its suction power regardless of the length of the hose. It is important to note that the vacuum comes with a long hose that can easily reach on top of the stairs and any other raised platforms such as walls. The fade-free technology ensures that the vacuum uses the same power continuously hence avoiding the possibility of creating dust patches as you clean.

The Shark Navigator vacuum NV22L is perfect for carpets and bare floors. It never loses suction, so you can clean quickly and easily. Plus, it has a detachable canister for easy emptying.


Another great feature of the Shark Navigator Vacuum is that it is very portable. Being an upright model, many people are usually skeptical due to the fact that it may turn out to be bulky. The manufacturer puts the weight of the vacuum at slightly over 15lbs which is way lighter than even the handheld models. It is, therefore, easier to move the vacuum around the house as you clean. Moving it from one place to another only gets easier as you continue cleaning.

Specifications of  Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L

  • Lightweight
  • Fade free technology
  • Customized cleaning tools
  • Bagless
  • Large capacity
  • See-through dust cap

Benefits of  Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L


There are a number of benefits associated with this vacuum but one that stands out from the crowd is the fact that it comes with several onboard tools that make your work easier by the day. The first attachment tool is the crevice tool that is a must-have for many of vacuum cleaners. The tool is instrumental in getting rid of dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places in your house. Another tool that comes with the vacuum is the upholstery tool that is wide enough to clean most of your upholstery. It simplifies the cleaning experience by limiting the number of strokes you will require to clean an area due to the wide surface are of the tool. There is also the dusting brush that helps get rid of the finest dust from the carpet or even bare floor.


Another benefit associated with this vacuum is the overall performance. One important performance feature is the fade free technology employed in its design. This works in such a way that once you start vacuum cleaning, the power does not fade irrespective of the cleaning tool you are using. Some vacuum cleaners lose considerable power when using long extended wands but this is different thanks to this unique technology.

Drawbacks of  Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L

There aren’t very many drawbacks with this vacuum cleaner because the manufacturer ensured that does not happen. The only problem I have noticed with it is that it comes with washable filters that require you to clean on a regular basis. Some vacuums have the self cleaning technology that does not require you to remove the filter for cleaning and this would have been a perfect feature for this vacuum as well.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is portable
  • It is powerful
  • It does not fade


  • It does not have a self cleaning feature.

Customer reviews of  Shark Navigator Vacuum NV22L

There are over 3000 customer reviews about this vacuum cleaner. Almost all of these reviews are positive reviews with customers expressing their satisfaction with the vacuum for different reasons. Customers are of the opinion that it is easy to assemble this vacuum and wheels role up quite smoothly. Also, it is evident that most customers like the fact that the vacuum does not lose suction power once you start using it. One customer in particular liked the fact that it was easy to clean the filter and it also dries up quite fast.

The only problem a few of the customers had with the vacuum is that the filter clogs up quite fast and since there is no self cleaning mechanism, you have to keep declogging it before you can continue with your work. Everything else seems perfect with this vacuum.

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The Shark Navigator Vacuum is among the best upright vacuum cleaners in the market. All customer reviews point to a vacuum that does its work without any troubles at all. It is ideal for use both in the car and in the house. All tools are customized to make cleaning easy and comfortable. Give this vacuum a try and you will not regret it.